Thursday, December 16, 2010

And to all a good .....

I just want to send out a message of good will and cheer to anyone who drops by to read this blog.  So many people are in the throes of suffering with the touchy economic conditions.  I would like to encourage you to make a difference -- in your life and in the lives of others.  How?  By breaking the fear-based economy and social viewpoint that is so prevalent right now.

I get it that our unemployment rate is high -- probably close to 20% in some states because those off the unemployment roles are not being counted.  But without sounding like a PollyAnna, this also means that there is 80% employment. But don't you see and feel how the fear of loss is hampering everyone. Spending is down. People and businesses are holding tight. This only serves to prolong the down cycle.  If there is no investment or opening to the awareness of cash flow, change cannot and will not occur.

I'm not suggesting that you spend yourself silly or in a foolish way.  But please - know that all cycles comes to an end.  For every down position, there is a replacing up position on it way.  Let go of the fear, people!  Trust in your ability to survive and survive well.  Think and act with compassion and kindness to everyone around you. As we trust each other more, trust ourselves more, and with a knowing, proceed through these times, we will all be better for it.

Happy, happy holidays. Be safe. Enjoy your friends and family. Stretch. Live. Laugh. Release the fear.


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Anonymous JMA said...

Because of the different types of meditation out there, couples will certainly have some options.

I love how detailed your post was. This is something I can use with my clients.

You will be seeing more of me as well.

All the best!

5:04 PM  

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