Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When prosperity catches up to you

My brother, Terry, and I have discussed how prosperity without caring is empty. Unless you care about another's prosperity, your own well-being will be limited. So we asked each other this question:  "What would you see me doing when my prosperity catches up to me?" And then we gave each other the vision on which to focus.  Here is what I asked him to see when I'm regaining prosperity:

I'm standing in the airport looking at departures to Europe, traveling light and light-hearted. I hear the announcement of my flight boarding.  I lean down and pick up a small carry-on care and walk toward my gate.  Just as I get to the security stop, I look over my shoulder at the person I'll be traveling with.  "Hey, just in time.  Let's rock and roll."

So we're using these shared visions to care about each other's well-being. Try it.  Exchange your vision with someone for whom you wish the best of what you will be doing when your prosperity catches up to you -- that is, not a vision of paying your bills, sighing that you saved your home or that you can pay your car payment, but what you would do as a prosperous person.  Let it be a vision of doing something fun and joyful that clearly represents ease, comfort and security.

And share that vision today!


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