Thursday, September 08, 2005

Focusing is the problem

The challenge is always ignoring those little nagging thoughts that creep in when you're trying to let go of muscle tension, scampering thoughts and the "I gotta-dos" that seem to invade your reverie. So, how do you focus?

Well you can look back on the "Frisky Monkey" technique outlined below for a start. But secondly, ease up on yourself. If you're mind is that edgy or your body that jumpy, you haven't done the first step, which is relaxation. In order to truly be successful in your attempts to meditate, you must be relaxed.

You can get a start on that with the Basic Relaxation Technique found on Once you have learned to relax and can command that physical state whether lying on the floor, sitting up or simply being anywhere, you will have a great jump-start to deeper and more successful meditation efforts. You might want to also look at the Basic Meditation Technique also found at

Good luck. And give yourself a break. There's all the time you need and all you need is a little time. When you stop trying to "push the river" you'll find yourself flowing with the river.

Chesa Keane