Monday, August 04, 2008

Gathering Your Energy

I don't know about you, but last week was one of those weeks where there just wasn't enough time to do all that I felt I had to do. You know, those times where there are 15 different tasks that you should be getting finished and all of those tasks are shouting at you silently, "Me next, me, me next!? A friend told me recently told me that time has become compressed to about 50% of what we would consider normal. I can't really argue that claim after last week.

So how do you release the stress of juggling too many tasks at the same time and remain productive? Generally speaking, if you can't relax, you can't release the stress of the situation. On the Meditation Warrior website, there is an article called Relaxation First.

This relaxation technique is based on focusing on each part of the body and consciously releasing tension through alternating muscle tension and release. The exercise is explained and the page also contains an audio of the relaxation technique for you to try.

Maybe time is compressing. I know my days don't seem to be as long as they were in my 20's. And while there are days that feel very productive, often the day has almost escaped before I have checked off the last "to do." Or maybe my "to do" list is too long.

Regardless, it has been said that 90% of all disease and illness is either caused by or complicated by stress. Focus on stress reduction and your body will begin to heal itself. And this all starts with relaxation.

Give it a try . . .

Chesa Keane

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