Sunday, July 02, 2006

Habit Control - Making changes in 21 Days

Habits are simply actions and beliefs that are easier to repeat than change. But with focus and attention, you can change your unwanted habits in 21 days or less. It is all a matter of decision.

Those negative habit patterns that cause us problems only require a decision to change and, really, that is all that it takes. A decision. The hardest part of making a decision, however, is making a decision.

Which is why sometmes a physical tool is necessary to help as a constant reminder of that decision.

One of the best methods for habit change is Meditation, coupled with meditation techniques and meditation tools, which can bring us the quickest results. But remember, it all starts with a decision.

Good luck!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Meditation is a means to peace

When you are faced with the struggles that seem overwhelming, can you remain peaceful? Can you feel that inner happiness that you seek? Yes, you can. In Buddhism, it is known as detachment. But don't mistake detachment for apathy or denial. Detachment is finding and knowing your center at all times regardless of the activity whirling around you.

Is it easy? Not always and not often. But when you do find that connected center, you'll find it easier and easier to claim when your surroundings are in turmoil.

Like everything that has a means, there is a method. And that method is to meditate and be so aware of the inner peace when things are calm that it becomes easier and easier to re-claim the peace when your life seems upside-down.

Find your center. Explore your inner goals. Stay connected. No matter what you're experiencing -- light-hearted or heavy -- you are still you.