Monday, September 18, 2006

Before Meditation, Develop Skills of Concentration and Focus

We talk about learning to meditate and that is a lofy and valuable skill to develop. However, most people think that they just sit down, close their eyes, position the hands comfortably and ... what? Yes, that is the point. What?

In order to meditate effectively, foundation skills of concentration have to be developed. Learning to focus is the only way to shape the mind into the awareness receptacle that will allow you to reap the benefits of meditation. Begin your path to meditation, then, by developing your concentration skills.

The steps I use to teach meditation begin with breathing exercises. Once breath control develops, the next focus is on sounds, beginning with the sounds of your environment and moving to focus on familiar, unfamiliar and finally unusual sounds. After the mind becomes focused at will, the next step to work on is visualization.

By developing skills of concentration and focus, it becomes easier to establish a meditative goal that you can actually accomplish because you have created a strong foundation of mental focus.

Remember, the point of meditation is to create your world as you wish it to be, not remove yourself from reality. It all begins with developing strong skills of concentration and focus.

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