Friday, July 22, 2005

How to Meditate - Meditation Techniques to Try

Meditation is a wonderful means of finding peace, joy and happiness in your life. The most important aspect of realizing this sense of well-being is the knowledge that it is only through the acceptance of personal responsibility for that state of mind can you possible achieve success. No one can make you happy; no one can hand you peace; and joy is illusive if you can't find it within yourself, through your own efforts.

There are many meditation techniques, several ways to learn to meditate, and when you discover how to meditate, a whole new world opens to you. A world of confidence, self-determination and success. is a website with many meditation resources to help you develop your meditation skills.

Chesa Keane

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Learn to Meditate

We all want that sense of peace, confidence, control, direction. But it eludes if you haven't developed the skills of meditation and concentration. Two websites that can help you right away:

TAO Totem - a website about a great meditation tool, a focusing tool, helping you with finding balance from relaxation to habit control.

Meditation-Works - a website designed to offer you the world of meditation resources, techniques, and the means to learn how to meditate.

The benefits of meditation are endless. Check out these sites.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Learning to focus

When you meditate on all that you want in life, you will find that your desire turns into the decisions that bring about success. From this perspective you could say that all of life is a decision. We can make anything we want happen once we have decided to make it so.

Everyone sets personal goals at some time during their life. New Year resolutions, which are goals, are made and remade year after year. Some goals are lofty in nature, some are more mundane. Focusing on affirmations is a type of personal goal. In order to reach these goals, you need to develop the ability to focus your attention on those goals.

Setting goals is easy. Focusing on achieving those goals takes a bit more doing. Setting goals and not achieving them leads to frustration and often an "I give up!" attitude. Havng a mental focus to remind you of your goals can you help achieve any goal by allowing your focus to sharpen through relaxation. One of the most effective focusing tools is the TAO Totem.

In reaching personal goals, success breeds success. The more successes you achieve, the easier the next success will become. You achieve those goals when you learn to focus clearly and sharply.

Your TAO Totem can be a great help in making decisions by removing distractions and clearing your mind, allowing you to relax into the decision-making process. This greatly improves your ability to properly evaluate each decision

Keep your TAO Totem with you to help you clear your mind, to help you relax. Experts estimate that most of us use only about 10% of our brain power. Your TAO Totem as a meditation tool can be the key that helps you unlock your untapped mental capacity.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Meditation Techniques

You've heard of meditation and there may be a part of you that just can't see yourself sitting cross-legged and cross-eyed, humming some obscure phrase to reach nirvana. Well, if these are your ideas about meditation, you are really missing the boat.

Meditation is a wonderful way of calming the system, focusing the mind, and finding a clear direction. There are several techniques that work, and the website,, can give you a head start.

Check it out. Find out that meditation works!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Meditation Works - How to Meditate

If you want to have a basic and simple approach to learning to meditate, check out You'll see what the benefits are and how to start meditating to improve your life-condition.

See you there.

Chesa Keane

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Habit Control

Habit control is something almost everyone struggles with from time to time. It can be controlling eating habits, smoking habits, drug or alcohol addiction, or even nail-biting. The hardest part of finding relief from these annoying or destructive habits is the feeling of helplessness when you keep promising yourself that you'll stop or change, but each day you feel you've failed again.

I have found that the TAO Totem is a great tool for habit control. By creating an association to this physical -- and comfortable in the hand - tool and your desires, you are able to establish a positive reinforcement that will bring you success. Go to the TAO Totem website ( and see all the many benefits that using this tool as a positive reinforcement tool will offer you.