Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is it to begrugde one's life?

Begrudging one’s life takes many forms – from over-indulgence to self-denial; from self-loathing to false confidence; from lack of attention to health issues to hypochondria; from the inability to love others or even ourselves; from demanding attention to apathy regarding our presence.

Whenever we do not cherish the body, mind and spirit of our existence, we are denying the existence of the Buddha nature that lies within us awaiting recognition. It seems to me that it is in the extremes of expression that we get caught in the act of begrudging our lives. How to counter these very “human” traits is the question to ask.

Find joy in the moment; appreciate the wind, sky and stars; see the Buddha within others and accept the glorious life that surges through your blood with each breath. Find gratitude for the simplest of things and marvel at the complexity hidden in the simple. I guess, for me, it is just appreciating everything, finding joy in the now and expressing the compassionate understanding for others and myself.


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love is THE answer - every day of the year

I know an oncology surgeon who has written an article related to her experience as a doctor who cannot always deliver good news to her patients. She is warm, understanding, compassionate and feels the pain her patients experience.

Read this article about how Love is the answer - every day and see if you don't come away both inspired and humbled.


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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Anti-aging is in the heart and the mind - it's all a matter of perception

I saw this wonderful video and wanted to share it. Too many people listen to too many people. I remember when Mick Jagger said that once they reached 30, they would quit -- they couldn't imagine being a band of "old guys." Things didn't work out the way he thought they would. This video is proof that age is filled with experience, joy and wonderful expression -- if you want it to be:

Joyful youth.


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