Friday, June 15, 2007

A Sense of Now

So many people get wrapped up in the past – through regret or guilt. Or they focus fearfully on the future – worrying about some distant scary possibility. Neither of these focuses will work well for your personal inner peace. You can’t change the past. And you can’t create the future you want when your focus is on negative potential.

The only way you can create a life of joy, happiness and well-being is by landing and staying in the now, by being in the moment. Now. Not past, not future. The only potential you can efficiently create is based in the now of positive “feelings” which will evolve smoothly and completely into a future (which will become yet another now) that you can revel in.

Unfortunately, most people have learned from childhood to belittle their existence with guilt and regret over an unchangeable past. Or if not wallowing in “what might have been,” they are fear what might be.

For just a moment, let’s explore the concept of the Law of Attraction. This concept is simple: What you focus on in life is what you attract in your life. But, let’s put this into practical terms. When you look back with regret, sadness and guilt, the only possible experiences you can attract will be low self-esteem, helplessness, hopelessness and certain immobility that will keep you from heading in a positive direction. If you worry about the future, what else can you draw into your life but failure, fear and more misery?

You are the creator of your existence. This simple statement bears repeating: You…are…the…creator…of your life!

Chesa Keane

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