Monday, November 29, 2010

Meditation Sites filled with meditation tools and products

I am always interested in finding the latest and greatest meditation tools and products. To showcase these findings, I have created the following websites:

You can find techniques, tips, tools and products to support your efforts in meditation.  You already know the value -- these sites help you enhance your focusing and concentration skills so your meditations produce the results you are seeking.

I'm adding new products every day -- come back often and visit.


Chesa Keane

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

First Nation soldiers - reminds me of my father, aunts and uncles

My father was proud to have served in WWII and to the end, he was a soldier. This video makes me think of him, his courage, his fears and his contribution to my life.


Monday, November 08, 2010

Alice at 107 is oldest living holocaust survivor -- sees beauty in life

Alice will celebrate her 107th birthday this month. She was in a concentration camp during WWII and because she was a concert pianist, she survived. One might think that the experience would make her bitter, but no. Alice says that she has never hated -- hate only breeds hate. And she find each day a beautiful experience.

As a Buddhist, for me, her voice rings with the truth of Buddhist beliefs - life is precious and it is our goal to find happiness and joy on earth regardless of the circumstances under which we find ourselves. I would love to meet her in person. For now, meet her in the video which is a trailer for a new documentary short about the oldest Holocaust survivor in the world, Alice Herz-Sommer. Your life will be enriched in a short 12 minutes.


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